ERS111H5S Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pedosphere, Rock Cycle, Cryosphere

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20 Oct 2018
ERS111 week 2 Tuesday & Thursday
Different 'spheres' of earth
Play the role of a science journalist
Produce a 500 word paper that summarizes that paper
Translate more complicated words into simple terms
Don’t state your own opinions
Hydrosphere: water, rivers, oceans
Biosphere: life, trees, plants
Atmosphere: air, weather
Cryosphere: ice, glaciers,
Geosphere: rocks, processes within earth
Pedosphere: soils
How rocks are formed
Igneous: cutting, magma
Metamorphic: crazy, crushed and squeezed. When continents collide
Magma forms by the melting of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
Rock cycle, all are connected
Only reason we have life on earth is because of these rock cycles
This cycle recycles materials
Shock wave from volcano
Erosion of material forms nutrients
Earthquake video
Landslide video
How life evolve
Crude oil taken out of the ground
Close relations
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