ERS111H5S Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Sulfur Dioxide, Viscosity

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20 Oct 2018
During crystallization there are changes
Crystals form that are iron and magnesium rich
What it leaves behind in the magma is enriched in silica, and changes its properties
Low vs high viscosity
Bubbles unable to move through the magma
Silica content increases viscosity
10-15cm of ash
About a week after the eruption
Hangers have been destroyed
Still some small eruptions
Valleys are filled with pyroclastic flows
Levees built to move mud flows out to sea
Sulphur dioxide
Layers of sulphur dioxide
Carbon gain because all of those flights were groudes
Caused a tsunami and killed people along the shoreline
Island before & after
Interaction of water with magma made the volcano even more powerful
How it affected the skies
Vivid sunsets
Sulfur dioxide causes these skies
Temperature change graph
Not as much technology to report the eruption
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