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Ragab, H

Mass Disasters Mar.22.2012 Disaster: Is an occurance that casues damage ecological disruption loss of human life, deterioration of health and health services on scale sufficient to warrant an extraordinary response from outside the affected community. 1) there should be extraordinary magnitude of harm 2) should be ecological and eviromental disruption 3) dsiproprtion of vulnerable communities 4) demands response that exceed the communities abilities 5) necessity for outside assistance. Classification of Diasters: Accidental: (train derails, arirplane crashes) Natural: (hurricanes) Intentional: (bombings) Closed: number of vistims and identity relatively certain (airplane crash) Open: unknown number of victims and identity (bombing) Natural Diaster: Hydro-meteorological disaster: include weather related events Droughts Geographical Pandemic disease Human-Generated Disasters Intentional or non-intentional acts of violent acts of terrorism, declared war, and ethnic conflict. Technological disasters can also occur where technology fails because of humans. Disaster Management: Predisater planning, preparedness, public education. Prediction and early warning Damage assessment and relief management plans. Classification of Aircraft crashes: Low altitude plane crash: plane crashes during landing or take off High alti
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