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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Forensic Science
Ragab, H

Lecture 4 October-02-12 10:00 AM Forensic Identification FIS --> Forensic Identification Service 1. Examination, photographing, videotaping of crime scenes 2. Examination/collection/comparison Securing the Scene  Keep foot traffic through the scene to a minimum  Restriction should include all non-essential personnel, including police and members of the press  Establish an entry path for additional personnel(Path of Contamination)  Protect evidence DO NOT COLLECT Locard's Principle on Evidence  "EVERY CONTACT LEAVES A TRACE" Types of Physical evidence  DNA Collection o Collect blood and compare it to another sample o If no comparison, we have nothing  Arson o The deliberate burning of property for malicious or fraudulent purposes  Example: Defraud insurance company  Vehicle Fires o Dealing with combustible material o Cannot confine because when vehicle burns down, it releases nasty chemicals o Vehicles damaged by fire shall not be stored within the examination bays Assault Photos  FIS do not attend hospitals  FIS will not remove bandages or dressing  Injuries must be visible  Bruising may develop over time - victim may need to re-attend Recovered stolen vehicles  Escort vehicles to FIS bays (continuity)  Tow truck drivers - wear gloves Theft From Auto  If numerous vehicles are involved - FIS will attend Break & Enter (Attempts)  Officers shall notify FIS of all break & Enters from the scene  Attempt to establish Point Of Entry & exit Suitable surfaces for fingerprint examination  Smooth  Hard  Dry  Clean  Sufficient size  Paper (Chemical treatments) Poor surfaces for fingerprint examination  Clothes  Doorknobs  Light switches  Rocks, bricks, etc  Pebble plastic  Fingerprint powders may damage furniture and electronics Bringing items to FIS for Exam  If scene attendance is not required  Make note of where found  Package item separately  1 item = 1 bag Footwear impressions  Tracking culprits  Minimum # of culprits  Which pattern kicked the floor  Links to other occurrences Positive identification of footwear   Elimination of footwear  Determination of shoe brand, model, size, etc. Sexual assault investigation  Obtain victims clothing worn at the time of the incident(arrange for a change of clothing)  Packaging clothing in paper  Do not put wet clothing in plastic (DNA
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