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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

FSC NOTES FOR 3 RD TEST (2) 1/15/2013 8:09:00 AM Murder, Maggots & mysteries.. Forensic entomology -Use of insects in legal investigations  -Civil and criminal investigations -Primarily homicide investigations -determine Elapsed Time Since death or Postmortem Interval (PMI) -accurate, sometimes only method .. History: th China- 13 centry Europe-1850’s Britain -1930’s North America-1970’s  Canada-1992 less than 35 forensic entomologists world-wide  10-15 in USA, 2 in Canada first witness to the crime  arrive within minutes  within 24 hours ( if not, maybe it is rain or cold something like that) Elapsed time since death Focus police investigation into correct time frame  Identification of victim o Missing persons records o Make or break alibis  …. Two methods Maggot age and development Up to 2 months after death Accurate Successional waves of insects -two months to several years after death -accurate to weeks, months, years immature stages of:  blow flies, flesh flies, house flies arrive immediately after death  lay eggs at wounds and or natural orifices as the temperature in increase, the rate of development increase, but duration of development decrease. Need to know what species and temperature and stages ( first, second..) Maggots age and development: Analysis od insect stage of development + T records+ species = date eggs laid and minimum PMI Regina V Truscott (case)- use first method In 1959, 14 year ols Steven Truscott Convicted and sentenced and “ hang by the neck until he was dead” for the murder of 12 year old Lynne Harper, primarily on a time line based on stomach contents Se… … 2001-files for review of his conviction 2006-07- new evidence heard by ON Court of Appeal included testimony of several pathologists… … asked to determine: likelihood of colonization prior to sunset (-9:45 pm) if Lynne Harper;s body had been in Lawson’s bush-7:30 PM if blue bottle flies would fly and colonize with daily high T near 30 degree
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