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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Murder, Maggots & Mysteries of Forensic Science forensic entomology -use of insects in legal investigations -civil and criminal investigations -primarily homicide investigations -determine elapsed time since death or postmortem interval(PMI) -accurate,sometimes only method available after 72h History of forensic entomology th china-13 century europe-1850`s britain-1930`s north america-1970`s canada-1992 <35 forensic entomologists world wide -10-15 in USA -2 in canada first witness to the crime -arrive within minutes (not that quick in rain,cold,night) -within 24h -lay many eggssssss -face and then down the body elapsed time since death -focus police investigations into correct time frame -identification of victim -missing persons records -make or break alibis -define list of suspects -exonerate innocent -2methods -maggot age and development -up to 2 months after death -accurate to hours,days,weeks -successional waves of insects -2months to serveral years after death -accurate to weeks,months,years (season) immature stage of -blow flies(calliphoridae) -flesh flies -house flies arrive immediately after death -lay eggs at wounds or/and natural orifices Life cycle eggs - larva-pupa-adult wounds/mucus – can feed -just eat before becoming adult- accumlate food -wet body (mostly water) -envir:dry,dark- no one eat them -higher temp(optimum) -high rate of development and shorter duration of development -temp and species are important maggot age&development -analysis of insects stage of development +temp records +species =date eggs laid and minimum PMI (MINIMUM!!NOT MAX!) (old may be blown away) collect from the body, not the suroungings Regina v. Truscott -1959,14 years old Steven Truscott -convicted and sentenced to'hang by the neck until he was dead' for the murder of 12 year old Lynne Harper, primarily on a time line based on stomach contents -sentence later changed -2001- filed for review of his conviction -2006-07 – new evidence heard by Ontario Court ofAppeal -included testimony of serveral pathologists and 3 entomologists -area of controversy Summary -high probable that if Lynne's body had been there by 19:30, she would have been colonized by blow flies prior to sunset -blue bottle flies definitely capable of flying and colonizing body at night in 30oC judge's words successional waves of insects -body goes through rapid physical,chemical,biological changes -different stages of decomposition attracyive to different insects -predictable sequence of insect colonization insects species present at discovery +evidence of species previously present +evidence of species that have not yet arrived =PMI hierar
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