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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Forensic Identification Where Does F.I.S. Fit in? - Uniform Officers - Forensic Specialists - Forensic Pathologists - CFS - CrownAttorney - The Coroner - Specialty officers FIS Mandate 1. Examination, photographing videoing scene 2. Examination/Collection/Comparison of fingerprints and/or physical evidences 3. Submission of physical evidence to laboratory Forensic Science or other forensic specialists 4. Photographing of victim, properly, relevant to an investigation 5. Preparation and presentation of identification for Court purposes, and other procedures Securing the Scene - Keep foot traffic through the scene to a minimum - Restriction should include all non-essential personnel, including police and members of the press - Establish an entry path for additional personnel (Path of Contamination) - Protect evidence – DO NOT Collect Locard‟s Principle on Evidence - “EVERY CONTACT LEAVEATRACE” Types of Physical Evidence - Fingerprints - Footwear impressions - Tire Impressions - Tool impressions - Tool Marks - Hair & Fiber - Blood, Semen, saliva and other DNA If we have a Suspect: - Clothing and footwear may need to be seized for possible „trace evidence‟ - If the suspect used a firearm or is contaminated with blood and/or other evidence, DO NOT allow them to wash - Hair & body sample may also be used as comparison purposes - Injuries may also be photograph Arson - The deliberate burning of property for malicious or fraudulent purpose - Examples:  Defraud insurance  Eliminate business  Revenge  To conceal another crime scene Break & Enters (Attendance) - Officers shall notify FIS or all Brea scene - Attempt to establish POE - Determine if other attempts have - Identify which items have been handle - Assess the suitability of fingerprint surfaces - Leave printable items - If officers are unable to remain at the victim, not to disturb POE - Examine floors for footwear impression (lighting) Break & Enters - FIS does NOT attended premises when no authorized person is present to give consent to the application of fingerprint powders - FIS may attend to examine the POE so that the premise may be secured pending the owner‟s return Poor Surfaces for Fingerprint Examination - Clothes - Doorknobs - Light switches - Rocks, bricks, etc. - Pebbled plastic Bringing Items to FIS for Exam -If scene attendance is not required - make note of where items were found Package items separately - 1 item – 1 bag - Transport in paper bag to preserve any impressions Footwear Impressions - Tracking culprit(s) (inside & outside) - Minimum number of culprit(s) - Which pattern kicke
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