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Forensic Science
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Hisham Ragab

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Forensic Anthropology Forensic AnthropologistsAnthropology techniques in legal contextSearch for recover analyze present evidence to court human remainsHuman remainsSkeletonizedBadly decomposedMain goal identificationclosure for loved ones86 who are killed know their killerHomicides are rarely solved if the identity of the victim is unknown EthicsLegal rightsresponsibilities regarding human remainsBurials not to be disturbed ex first nationsCoronerPolice order investigationCall in expertsForensic anthropologists determine the forensic significanceIf bone is found in a context call the policeLocatingRecovering Human RemainWhere to search and whyBody dumpsite characteristics not to be seen not to be heard fast and easyex close to the road downhill accessible by flashlights exiting featuresSearch indicators ex plantsdestroy whatever plant material there root complex in vicinity places where hole is dug with soft soil animal activitiesclaw an dig where human remains smell of human remainsroll in dead things animal fecesindicationHow to searchProper excavation techniquesDetermine context ex dig a holetry to conceal body intentionallyForensic Anthropologists EnsureGreater accuracy in evidence collectionHands and feet are on the ground collectingIncreased probability of collecting all evidenceMostly search outdoor scenesRecovery of the maximum amount of skeletal remainsDocument relationships between objects ex document contextPrevention of postmortem damage to remainsAnalysesInventory Minimum Number of IndividualsIndividual or commingledNotice something is missing
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