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University of Toronto Mississauga
Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

ForensicAnthropology Cases ForensicAnthropologists - Search for document, recover, analyze human remains - Ontario Forensic Pathology Service & Office of Chief Coroner Ontario 2010  Forensic anthropologists if:  Burned, buried, outdoor, scattered, badly decomposed or skeletonized remains Forensic Significance - Role to play in medical-legal investigation  Focus of police or coroner’s case - Human bone  Only a ForensicAnthropologist can determine its forensic significance  If significant – crime scene  If not significant – police not requires - Criteria for forensically significant bone  Usually human  Modern individual  Time since death less than 60 yeas - When is human bone not of interest to police  Archaeological or historic  Medical/teaching skeletons  “Secret societies”  Associated with a cemetery - How is forensic significance determined?  Context  Where is it found?  Condition  Recent/fresh or old/dry  Associated objects Initial Phone Call – InitialAssumptions - Bone found at a cemetery - Could be animal - Emailed photo looked human - Typical cases of human bone in cemeteries  Eroded from grave  Incompletely exhumed  Vandalism The Scene: - Arrive in pouring rain  Woman walking dog found bone on Monday  Reported to police on Thursday - 9 fragments found  She picked up and took home  Came to scene to show where bone found  Pointed to area recently top dressed and seeded - Police saw no evidence of  Recent exhumation, erosion, or vandalism - Other possible reasons for human bone in a cemetery?  Improper disposal of body  Homicide dumped/hidden - Is the bone actually human?  Cranial fragments  Flatter than usual for human but otherwise look human Police need to know: - Is it human?  If so coroner must be called - Is it forensically significant?  If so this is a crime scene  Area must be secured until investigation is complete Assessing Significance: - Is it human? Maybe - Where did the bone originate?  Somewhere on cemetery property?  Brought in with the topsail used for gardening? - What condition is bone in?  Dry, no tissue or periosteum  Old or exposed to weather for a number of years  More than 50 or 60 years?  Difficult to determine - Do we release scene? Decision: - No evi
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