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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Forensic Identification Services - Specialists - Uniform officers - Specialty offices - Coroner - Pathologist - CFS - Crown Attorneys Document crime scenes----to court Building the case for court Photography Securing the crime scene (uniform officers): - Minimize outside contamination - One path in and out (path of contamination) Locard’s principle on evidence - “Every contact leaves a trace” Physical evidence: - Fingerprints - Impressions Suspect: - Clothes, shoes - No washing - Photos and fingerprints (injuries) DNA collection: - Comparison of samples - Blood collection (hair and inside of mouth) Calls for service: - Arson: deliberate burning of property for malicious or fraudulent purposes - ex. Insurance fraud, eliminate competition, revenge, conceal B&E - Vehicle fires: examination bays. - Assault photos: no attendance, no undressing of bandages or dressings, injuries must be visible. - Recovered stolen vehicles: bays, wear gloves (continuity), authority through consent - Theft from auto - B&E: Officers will notify FIS from the scene, establish POE & exit, assess the suitability of fingerprint examination of the surfaces, authority through consent. Best Fingerprint surfaces - Smooth - Hard - Dry - Clean - Sufficient size - Paper (chemical treatments) Poor surfaces: - Clothes - Doorknobs - Light switches - Rocks, cricks, etc. - Pebbled plastic - Fingerprint powders may damage furniture Items brought to FIS - If scene attendance is not required. - 1 item=1 bag - Paper bags Bad Fingerprints: - Takeaways - Smears - Double tap.. Chemical development: - Latent print: cyanoacrylate (glue fuming) - ALS Visible fingerprints: - Blood - Glove Footwear impressions: - Class identifications vs. accidental characteristics - Linkage Sexual assault investigation - Clothing - Paper bags - No washing Motor vehicle collisions - FIS shall attend motor vehicle collisions in case of: Fatality, serious injury, fail to remain, serious road hazards Mischief: - Damage to property - Attendance determined by case basis and likelihood of finding evidence - Not photographed if adequately described or for insurance claim purposes. Industrial accidents: - Notify ministry of labor - Fatalities, serious injuries attendance Robbery: - Video - Attendance when reasonable expectation of obtaining evidence Forensic video analysis: - Generate still images from crime scene videotape surveillance systems - Seize video data - Date/time stamp - Na
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