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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Firearms Investigations Firearm Weapons 1- Rifled Weapons- Rifles, handguns 2- Smooth Bored (barrel) weapons- shotguns and antique weapons Rifling is a series of parallel spiral grooves cut the length of the bore of the barrel. The metal left between the grooves are the lands. The fun barrel is produced from a solid bar of steel that has been hollowed out by drilling. - Rifling imparts a rotational spin on the bullet. Stabilizes its flight, prevent tumbling - Groves 2-20. Most 5, 6. Number, direction, distance - Class characteristics Caliber - The caliber is the diameter of the bore (land to land) - 6 (diameter) x 39 (length of the cartilage) Shotgun has smooth barrel, fire small lead balls or pellets. The diameter of the shotgun barrel is expressed by the term gauge; the higher the gauge number, the smaller the barrel’s diameter. - Caliber of the shotgun is expressed by its gauge. Most common: 12, 16, 20. Actual diameters are 0.729-12, 0.615-20. - Striations, which are fine lines found in the interior of the barrel, are impressed into the metal as imperfections found on the rifling cutter’s surface, or they are produced by minute chips of steel pushed against the barrel’s inner surface by a moving broach cutter. - These striations form the individual characteristics of the barrel. Repeated use of the weapons, imperfections of the metal. - The inner surface of the barrel of a gun leaves its markings on a bullet - Lands of the rifling - Class characteristics=1ry rifle marks Ammunition for rifled weapons (Cartridge cases) - Usually made of brass, through aluminum and steel cases may be encountered - On firing, the cartridge case contains the gases from the ignition of the powder - Most handgun cartridges have a straight design while rifle cartridges are bottlenecked - Powder: Cellulose with/w/o nitroglycerin - Lead, antimony and barium primer (ignites easily) - Long rifle (pointy with neck) - Un-jacketed bullets are used in handguns Ammunition for un-rifled weapons - Virtual
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