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University of Toronto Mississauga
Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

Forensic Science FSC 239 11/12/13 Canadian Courts Crown attorney: for queen Provincial criminal courts: Judge is the trier of fact and gatekeeper Oversees the court and ensures integrity of legal system and proceedings Decided on admissibility of evidence and rules on it Makes findings of guilty, not guilty, or innocence (judge alone trials),… Ontario Superior Court: More serious crimes Can be presided by judge alone or judge and jury Criminal offence: breach of federal statute Provincial- only in that province Canadian law requires full disclosure of evidence- Crown must proved entire care to defense Case reports (known as a Crown brief) is prepared by police investigators and includes Occurrence reports Pathology reports Expert witness reports CFS reports (submission, bench, notes, etc) Arrest and Warrant reports Sworn information -Defense will provide evidence that will potentially exclude evidence and ultimately exonerate client -If preliminary hearing: Crown must probe prima facie case: Legally sufficient, on its face, self evident -Generally an exclusion of witnesses Meaning only on witness at a time in court…any potential witnesses mist be excluded from body of court until their to testify – bias issues Not permitted to discuss evidence or proceedings with other witnesses 3D Reconstruction Forensic in court Canadian Courts -Queen’s representative -Crown attorney -Defence attorney -> hired by dependant Provincial criminal courts -Judge is trier of facts and gatekeeper -Oversees court and ensures integrity of legal systems and proceeding -Decides admissibility of evidence and rules on it -Makes finding of guilty/non-guilty Ontario superior court -More serious crime -Can be presided by judge alone and judge and jury -Canadian law requires full disclosure of evidence -> crown must provided by judge alone or a judge and jury -Canadian law requires full disclosure evidence -> crown must provide entire case to defence -Case reports is prepared by police investigates and includes all documentation su
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