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Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

FSC 239 Professionalism 11/05/13 What does professionalism mean? What do you consider unprofessional behaviour? Important in university -References for Jobs/grad School -Opportunities Important in workplace -Affects likelihood of being hired, promoted -Professionalism relates to person, not job title Definition of professionalism -Conduct (values, attitude, actions) expected from a well-trained person. --Skill, good judgment, ethical/polite behaviour --Perform tasks with sincerity & honesty -Extremely important in Forensic Sciences --Success depends on reputation -Perception is key—perceived professional? -Not just about getting the qualifications! What does professionalism mean? -Attire/appearance -Etiquette (how you deal with others) -Consistency (consistent in decision making, in all aspects of job) (shows honesty and integrity) (=integrity & honesty) -Punctuality (=dependable) -Reliability (=trusted) -Organized (shows together as human being) Team work Communication (verbal Show respect Maintain focus Field = protective gear --Tyvek (suit), hair, jewelry, contents of pockets, no logos -Lab = lab coat, protective gear -Court/work = well-groomed (present as neutral) --Clothes proper size, pressed, smart --Light make-up/facial hair neat --Avoid perfume/cologne --Jewelry, no logos/pins --Tattoos, piercings Keys to Success Be A Team Player -Ability to work productively with others -Support others, share spotlight -Each member provides an asset, requirement -Team player = invaluable employee -No one person can solve the problem (no one piece of evidence will solve the case) - 1 piece of evidence/info will not solve case C
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