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Forensic Science
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Chapter 10 Collection and Preservation of Rape EvidenceSeminal constituents on a rape victim are important evidence that sexual intercourse has taken place but their absence does not mean that a rape didnt occurTransfer of physical evidence blood semen hairs and fibersCollection and HandlingAll outer and undergarments from the involved parties should be carefully removed and packaged separately in paper not plastic bags Place a clean bedsheet on the floor and lay a clean paper sheet over it Victim must remove her shoes before standing on paperPerson should disrobe on the paper so that any loose foreign material falling from the clothing can be collected Collect everything removed and place it in separate bags avoid crosscontamiEvidence collectors should have an evidencecollection kit from the local crime laboratoryItems Of Physical Evidence To Be Collected1Pubic combings Place a paper towel under the buttocks and comb the pubic area for loose or foreign hairs2Pubic hair standardrefer
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