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Blood Stain Analysis

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

ndSept 22 2011 Blood stain analysis allows the examiner toDevelop well preserved scenes for future evaluationEvaluate witness statementsObtain stains for biological analysisEliminate suspects or objectsReconstruct a chain of eventsBloodstain Pattern Analysis It is the examination of shapes locations and distribution of patterns and bloodstains in order to provide an interpretation of the physical events that gave rise to their originThe information that may be obtained from a proper bloodstain pattern analysisDistance from the blood source to the targetDirection of travel and impact anglesNature of the force used to cause the bloodshedThe object used to cause the bloodshedSequencing of multiple bloodshed eventsInterpretation of contact or transfer patterns Properties of Human BloodBiological PropertiesPlasma fluid portionCellular components RBCs WBCs and plateletsPhysical PropertiesSurface tension is defined as the force that pulls the surface molecules of a liquid toward its interior decreasing the surface area and causing the liquid to resist penetrationSurface Tension causes the blood drop to pull itself in both horizontally and verticallyTo create spatters of blood an external force must overcome the surface tension of the blood when the blood drops from a surface area it drops at an increasing speed due to gravity in spherical shapeTerminal velocity a maximum velocity obtained by a free falling drop of blood 251 ftper secondBlood forms a spherical shape perfect circular shape almost immediately upon separating from the blood source The spherical shape is caused by the surface tension of the bloodThe blood drop will settle into a spherical shape as a result of the surface tensionThe surface tension will maintain the sphere shape of the blood drop until it impacts with the surfaceThe size of the circle depends on The original volume of the drop of blood 005mlaverage size
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