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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

thSept 27 2011FingerprintsFingerprint an impression left by the friction ridges FR of a human finger generally speaking fingerprints are the traces of an impression from the friction ridges of any part of the human hand a print from a foot can also leave an impression of friction ridgesFriction Ridge raised portion of the epidermis on the fingers and toes digits the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot these are sometimes known as epidermal ridges which are caused by the underlying interface between the dermal papillae of the dermis and the interpapillary rete pegs of the epidermisIdentical twins have the same general patterns of the friction ridges in their skin because they have the identical genetic makeup but during the process of the skin formation its not only genetics its chemical stimuli that interacts not inherited HistoryFingerprints were used as signatures in ancient Babylon in the second millennium BCESometime before 851 CEChinese merchants using fingerprints to authenticate loansIn 1880 Dr Henry Faulds a Scottish surgeon in a Tokyo hospital published his first paper on the subject in the scientific journal Nature discussing the usefulness of fingerprints for identification Alphonse Bertillioncreated i
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