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Lecture 3

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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

Impression Evidence: Footwear and Tire track Footwear identification Detection and collection  Detection: - visible - latent - lighting - powders - chemistry  Collection: - photography - fingerprint tape - dental stone life (the Knapp Process) - dental stone casts (soil and snow) - sulfur casts electro Benefits – investigative aid  Type of shoe  Pattern design  Number of suspects  Connections to other crime scenes  Sequence of events – directionality  Corroborate versions of events 2D vs. 3D impressions Two dimensional:  An impression which for all practical purposes has the dimensions of length and width but not a significant depth General or “class” characteristics  An intentional or unavoidable characteristic that repeats during the manufacturing process and is shared by one or more other shoes or tires  Tread pattern  Type of foot wear  Size  Wear pattern  Defects indicative of the manufacturing process Accidental or “individual” characteristic  The result when something is randomly added to or taken away from the original structure of the shoe or tire that either causes or contributes to making that shoe or tire unique  Physical shapes  Spatial relations  These provide the uniqueness and individualizing strength Finge
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