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Lecture #4

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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

September 27th 2011Lecture 4Hair and FurDefinition they are natural fibres of animal origin Hairs are animal fibres that originate from humans while fur originates from other speciesInformation obtained by hair analysisis the examined item actually hairis it human hair or fur what kindis it male or female hairis it infant or mature adult hairrace Caucasian black or Asianhair forcibly removed cut or fallenfrom which part of the body scalp pubictraces of drugs or chemicalsidentifiable illness or special conditionsDNA analysis STRs somaticY Chr mitochondrialCase 1st degree murderFemale murdered in housemultiple stab wounds in chestsexually assault16 scalp hairs recovered from scene1 pubic hairrecovered from scene1 hair recovered inside stab wound in chestmost important hair because inside woundphysical characters of scalp and pubic hairshowed similarities to same individualenough to link suspect to crimesuspect says was family friendexpert witness confirmed that the hair found in the wound is a match to the known hair from the suspectexpert witness said
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