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Lecture #9

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Forensic Science
Hisham Ragab

thNovember 15 2011Lecture 9DNA AnalysisDNA analysis claims roots in classical genetics biochemistry and molecular biologyAs each case is different the previous history and current state of any sample must be considered when making decisions regarding the admissibility of the typing results this process of assessment continues throughout the analysisThe process of continuous monitoring and assessment of the analysis procedures plus the potential power of DNA typing results highlighted the issue of certification of laboratory personnel and accreditation of laboratoriesWith the ingoing increase in the number of cases and samples tested DNA typing has become increasingly automatedThe statistical interpretation of DNA typing results especially in the context of population genetics has been the least understood and the most hotly debated issueComputer technology has become invaluable in the processing and management of large numbers of samples such as those used in making a convicted offender databaseComputers used in the evaluation statistical analysis and storage of dataForensic DNAdeveloped through biochemistry biology geneticsquality measurement and quality control is mandatorydeveloped April 25 1953announced 3D structure2001human genome project first stage completedHistory of DNA DiscoveryGregor Mendel 1866heredityWalther Flemming 18731876chromosomescoloured bodiesJames D WatsonFrancis Crick 1953double helixDr Kary Mullis 1983PCR techniqueDevelopment of Forensic Biologygood for exclusion not good for inclusionblood degrades in the sun or heat because of the proteinsWhy DNA DNA testing ProsConsDNA testing has a number of real advantages over serological methods for use in forensic investigationsunsurpassed discriminatory potentialexquisite sensitivityapplication to any body tissueDNA is stable comparison to proteinsStructure of DNA
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