FSC100H5 Lecture 4: Week 4 - Tuesday Jan 29

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5 Feb 2019
Mechanism of death
Does not require mention in certificate of death
Manner of death
In Ontario there are 5: accident, suicide, homicide, natural, undetermined
Forensic pathologist really don’t want an undetermined manner of death
The pending cause of death
Most common would be someone is dead and there is no apparent anatomic
cause but they want to make sure it wasn’t due to some kind of toxin
Approach to the medicolegal autopsy
Coroner takes jurisdiction
Sometimes the family for certain reasons prefer not to have a full internal
examination of their loved one and sometimes the coroner may take that into
Goals of autopsy
Timing of death/injury
did they occur while the person was still alive, around the time that they
did die, or after death. Can establish a time frame
Maybe during transportation of the body they drop the victim of their
head. You would expect to see that those injuries have nothing to do with
the cause or manner of death
The triangle of death
Developed by Dr. michael colani??
Natural disease, injury, toxicity
You have died from one of those 3
5 parts of an autopsy
Assessment of scene and circumstances
The body is an extension of the scene
Dependent on initial police investigation
Week 4 -Tuesday Jan 29
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
3:07 PM
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