FSC100H5 Lecture 5: Week 5 - Tuesday

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5 Feb 2019
Procedures to consider
Respond promptly
Remain observant
Note dispatcher information
Note persons and vehicles - there may be victims or suspects leaving/attending
the scene as well
Keep people notified
Initial observations - look, listen, smell
Other things to consider
Attending the scene: daylight conditions, recently raining, weather
Ensure safety
No immediate threats
Remain alert - should be in a hyper awareness
Treat scene as a crime scene unless determined otherwise
Scan areas indicating danger - CBRNE calls notify appropriate authorities
Securing the scene
Determine parameters, limitations
Can also go to a smaller scene
Homicide taken place in commercial business that had various companies
in it. Initially whole building is cornered off until you find that hot zone.
Oversize if necessary
One opportunity to do it right
Fall out?
Is scene security important? Video
How do you maintain security
Of both scene and evidence
Have officer standing close
Week 5 -Tuesday
Tuesday, February 5, 2019
3:04 PM
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Police tape
Example: search warrant in York region, officers didn’t do good job of watching
the entrances, suspect is removing items out the back door and by the time
they went in for the warrant everything was gone already
Physical presence: police officers guarding the scene
Police line tape
Police evidence/security seals
Locks and barriers: preventing public access, theft, unauthorized entry
Evidence logs and entrance/exit of the scene logs
Tamper proof property evidence bags
Securing and protecting the scene
Scene security officer
Horrific scenes - problems with civilians, media, other police officers
"Keep your hands in your pockets"
Path of contamination
Once you can clear an area and designate it as a path of contamination,
you use that as a pathway for everyone entering and exiting to use
Protect scene until forensic investigator arrives (exception: safety, destruction,
degradation of evidence, public interest)
Give an accurate representation of the scene as FIS finds it
Baseline to explain how it looked when arriving
Changes prior to FIS arrival
Picture: homicide scene, female victim, locked into cigarette at time of death in
hands, ashes continue to burn to the filter, she was comfortable with the
environment, instantaneous death, therefore the death was a surprise
Picture: smashed ipod with bullet in it
How can we protect against chance?
Scene security
Minimize contact
Follow LOSER principle
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