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Lec 17 ECO GEO 12-09-30 11:57 AM 4/11/2013 7:04:00 AM Globalization of culture What is Culture?
 - gives us a sense of belonging and identity, controls Way of life, Values, Experiences What are the elements/expressions of culture Language, Music, Food, Dress, Religion How does Culture Change? b/c cul. Is a living entity it needs to change Contact
 Diffusion- occurs b/c of movment Domination-b/c of modernization there is donation taking place of other cultures Economics- reason why we have culture change is b.c we want to increase level of economics Culture of Globalization global culture emerging based on material consumption with the English language as its medium Cultural Globalization Erasing local identities – we are becoming the same b.c were are eating, wearing and doing the same Traditions, way of life Erasing uniqueness of local places- erasing the differences and putting in the same ( homogenization) place and geo becomes irrelevant b/c where ever you are is the same Global Images giving wrong message kids need to stay away from stangers not go sit with them McDonald’s and Local Cultures Setting image in order to increase consumption Chicken Chutni McAloo TikkiBurger McVeggie Burger Wrap Paneer Salsa McCurry Veg Chicken Maharaja Mac Red bean sundae Saudi Arabia - Since 1993 All McDonald's restaurants are owned and operated by leading members of the Saudi business community Ensure McDonald's popularity and success in Saudi Arabia (71 restaurants) 2 in the holy city of Mecca Halal menu and separate seating 
 areas Impacts Changing cultures Way of life
 Diet Large Fries, 500
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