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University of Toronto Mississauga

Lec 19 Urban Geo 4/11/2013 7:05:00 AM Social Areas of Cities  City residents will often sort on the basis of:  Social status  Family status  Ethnicity Ethnic/Racial background limit choice Income/economic class
 ( correlation)- higher income higher flexibility of choice to decided where to live Family Structure
 -looking at where you fit into the family and this will determine where you will live (suburban areas are filled with family) Result Ethnic/racial ghettos/apartment complexes Spatial concentrations of income group
 Gated Communities- we see growth in gated community, it dosnt have to be a physical gate but it can still be a gate 
 Adult/lifestyle Communities st White-21 Century City * model is suggesting that cites in the 21 are far more complex then cites prior to this time era * as the city starts to expand out wards it starts take over the parts of other cities and starts to incoprerate it in the bigger city structure. Changing function of the city –de-industrialization – all of this land that has to be redeveloped De-centralization of activities
 -spiacal concentration of the city for example Easton center but however suburban areas are now filled with big box and power centers so they don’t need to come down downtown. Planning & government intervention
 Transportation change – automobile- government intervenes through services and stuff Elements
 Core, zone in stagnation ,residential clustering (income, ethnicity etc.), decentralized retail, institutions, services, spatial growth, independent centers The Argument
 High % urban population = development = improved life Why High urban concentrations in developed countries Connections employment, service provision, quality of life
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