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lec 20 4/11/2013 7:06:00 AM Urban sustainability- The Livable City (key ideas of separation’s) -Key elements to urban sustainability Land use planning
 Transportation planning
 ( density will determine what type of transportation will be used) Urban governance 
 Regional connections -Review – Land use planning Single V Mixed Use Separation v integration Spatial distances
 Population density
 Typical format 
 Sustainability Densities Compared Typical Suburban 18 persons per ha. Urban redevelopment (Beaches)70perha. Condo 1,000 persons per ha. Implications for transportation ,services, retail, leisure, community - Crucial Association - land use planning
 Population density determines transportation type Low density – private- only use of car due to grave distances High density – public
 - buses come regularly due to population density Transportation problems Congestion, p
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