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Lecture 12

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Lecture 12 Economic Geo 4/11/2013 7:02:00 AM Review Different agricultural systems
 Subsistence V Commercial – characteristics of each Food supply in the 21st. Century what is the dilemma? What is scientific agriculture characteristics, foci What was the Green Revolution characteristics, mechanisms, issues The Green Revolution-Impacts & Issues Balanced diet? 
 Food security – monoculture, genetic range Displacement of farmers Capital requirements ( requires a lot of money) Migration onto marginal (pooer) lands Marginalisation of females *poorer farmers pushed onto less fertile land because they cannot afford machinery (increase in famine and hunger = relates to carrying capacity) Increased environmental pressures 
 Soil erosion, salinization, contamination of water (moving trees causing more wind = soil erosion as topsoil is being harmed loss in soil fertility) Destruction of traditional systems Is the green Revolution Sustainable? It might be successful b/c it increased food supply but not a varity of foods in diet (no balance) Increased food but meeting food requirements? No because a lot of food but no variety no balance Sustainable use of resources? 
 Socially/culturally sustainable? People losing rights to land and famine and deprivation and how are these systems culturally sustainable Scientific Animal Management The goal Reduce time to slaughter (only work if food supply is increase) increase rapid tissue growth Increase body weight
 Increase output – milk, eggs etc. *the reason we rare animals is to kill them but this is not the way of producing food (feeding animal derail crops and then killing it and iting it) there seems to be energy loss because you feed animal and kill it and then eat it Breeding of animals trait selection
 (some are able t produce meat and some are able to produce more meat) specialization beef, dairy etc. Housing of animals control feeding ( build up body tissue quickly) temperature light * reduce heat and movement and light = controlling tissue growth- if they don’t sleep they eat and tissue grows, heat prevents energy loss Increased purchase of food to feed animals Manipulation of food products Additives Animal by products Use of steroids & antibiotics *stop the prevention of diseases from contracting
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