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Lecture 15

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lecture 15 Eco Geo 12-09-30 11:57 AM 4/11/2013 7:03:00 AM *as you move from one stage you are adding value Economic Organization The importance of Value Added
 Valued Added & Structure of an economy Change in Economic Organization Fordist to post-fordist economy
 Industrial to post-industrial economy 
 Globalization of Production & Consumption ( point of production not same as point of consumption) Fordist economy
 Standardized production ,assembly line (most of the products look the same) Technology, efficiency ,out put increase Strategies Horizontal integration – same sector, increased market 
 share & bargaining power , integrating into same economy ex. Loblaws buys out metro to increase market share and controls much larger sector of economy, lager the market share greater power to bagern (kellogs example) Vertical integration–different sector, control over 
 supplies marketing Economies of Scale Investment process Direct investment Post –Fordist Economy Strategies Disintegration–both horizontal and vertical Strategic alliances–develop new technology, licensing 
 sales/distribution – b/c all this costs so much money better to be in a partnership (ex. Ford and mazda same engine b/ reduces pollution) – (beer brewing here with the lable from a different country with their persmission) Subcontracting & outsourcing – (cheaper labor cost, getting access to cheaper labor to reduce labor cost) sub con. Rent out to other companies????? Just-in-time delivery (connecting point of production to line of assembly, this reduces cost ) Franchising ( no risking capital, brand name component) 
 Investment process Indirect investment Rationale for Post- Fordist strategies Reduce capital risk
 Maintain control – technology, brand name , franshcing Increase market share Product differentiation through marketing/advertising Post Fordist Geography Difference between fordist /post fordist economies Flexibility Especially in production Increasingly in corporate structure Concentration of capital

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