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Lecture 11

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Lecture 11 Economic Geography 4/11/2013 7:02:00 AM Population/food supply Dilemma 20 th/21 stcentury * on the final exam there will be geo lit exam so practice the quizzes that he has showed us. How to increase food supply? Increase land area Limited possibilities Land area declining Increase intensity
 Through scientific management
 Produce more food on existing/declining land area - by 2050 there will be and increase in the world population and their might be a shortage of food -we don’t have new areas of exploring land for crop production and existing land area is declining due to over working the land and causing erosion and thus land becomes un usable and this causes expansion of dessert areas. -the expansion of city areas cusing land to dessiapaer -ex southern Ontario exapneded on good land -we need to produce more food on limited land by using sicinetidi knowlde Application of scientific Agriculture Cereal production Increase intensity - plant manipulation Select for desirable traits – esp. yield Reduce growing time –dev. Crops that have shorter grow time (potential to get more crops from the same piece of land) -ex in gyana it happens naturally Specialization, Monoculture- one crop being produced on a farm this causes lack of variety but it allows you to be more efficient, consequences of specialization is monoculture: dominating parts of the landscape Other Requirements
 Application fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides Irrigation- taking water from ground water sources (causing drying out of land) 
 Machinery- applying use of machinery to produce crops (reduce times) this changes formation of the land as you have to take out trees and other things that interfere with the land formation . thus when you remove this you red
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