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Lecture 17

GGR202H5 Lecture 17: RLG101H exam study guide

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Nicole Laliberte

RLG101H (Fall 2013) – Final Exam Guide GENERAL EXAM INFORMATION Academic integrity: “The University of Toronto Mississauga and you, as a student, share a commitment to academic integrity. You are reminded that you may be charged with an academic offence for possessing any unauthorized aids during the writing of an exam, including but not limited to any electronic devices with storage, such as cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), iPods, and MP3 players. Unauthorized calculators and notes are also not permitted. Do not have any of these items in your possession in the area of your desk. Please turn the electronics off and put all unauthorized aids with your belongings at the front of the room before the examination begins. If any of these items are kept with you during the writing of your exam, you may be charged with an academic offence. A typical penalty may cause you to fail the course.” EXAM JAM! On Wednesday, December 4, UTM is holding an all-day exam workshop for students in the Instructional Centre. There will be a number of activities and course-specific review sessions. The session for RLG101H will take place 3-5pm in room IB235. Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre: The RGASC offers workshops on exam writing and can also assist students individually. For more information drop in to their offices (2 floor of the UTM library), go to their website (, or call 905-828-3858. They also have tip sheets for writing exams: Past exams: (click “Past Exams”) The only previous RLG101H exams that you should study are the ones with my name on them. Exams set by other instructors covered different material and so will not be helpful to you. For more information: See the UTM Calendar: • Exams: Click “General Regulations” > “Examinations” • Petitions: Click “General Regulations” > “Petitions, Appeals, Deferrals” ABOUT THE RLG101H EXAM Aid allowed: • ONE double-sided letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) sheet • You may put anything you want on both sides of this one piece of paper. • You can print, type, scribble, paint, or use any other method or writing you like, in any size or type of font you like, with margins of any size. Time and place: You must CONFIRM this information yourself on the Registrar’s website: • Date: Tuesday, December 10, 9am-12pm / Location: IB110 (A-K), IB120 (L-Z) Materia
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