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SOC349 - Reading on "Feeding the Family" and Lecture on Gender and Food Work.docx

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Michelle Szabo

SOC349 – Readings – March 1, 2013 Feeding the Family By: Devault After world war, there was a rise in convenience foods that marketed less preparation time Grazing society: individuals no longer come together for meals, but grab quick snacks here and there during the day. Feeding the Family involves: PLANNING Women will restrict their food planning to foods that their husbands or kids like, where moms often sacrifice their own preferences to serve those of their husbands/kids. MEAL AS AN EVENT Meals are seen as a social event – where everyone comes together Why is dinner eliminated now days?  Because dinner as a family event is difficult to coordinate with multiple schedules instead on one (before it was just one schedule the family revolved around which was the husband) ____________________________________________________________________________________ INVISIBLE WORK cooking and food preparation is not recognized SOC349 – Lecture – March 1 Gender & Food Work Food Work involves:  Planning  Travelling to food stores  Disposing of waste  Preparing raw ingredients  Coking/baking  Selecting and purchasing foods  Clean up  Growing food  Etc (managing conversation & manners [for kids]) Food Work includes: physical, mental & emotional work What aspects of Food Work were easier/quicker than the past?  Transportation/Shopping (Transportation b4 things were delivered to the home, b4 mean and children used to pick up the groceries)  Standards (strong emphasis on sanitization presently – now we expect more variety – more complex meals
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