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Lecture 2

SOC232 - Week 2 Reading on James, Mead, DuBois, Simmel, Merton and other.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Erik Schneiderhan

Week 2 Reading James (attempts to classify the dimensions of oneself) The Empirical Self The self consists of: a. The Material Self – body is the innermost part, followed by clothes, family (i.e. father, mother, wife and babies - when they die, a part of selves is gone) home and wealth b. The Social Self – “the recognition he gets from his mates” basically getting noticed by people and showing different sides of one’s self to different groups(i.e. showing a different side to parents and friends of who you are and how you behave) from this there results a division of the man into several selves. c. The Spiritual Self – A man’s inner or subjective being d. The Pure Ego – a transitional feature from the phenomenal self and pure personal identity Mead • “The Self, the I and the me” – the self is a development, it is not initially there at birth but arises in the process of social experience and activity Du Bois (Social theorist of race) • Organized the Niagara movement (to oppose Washington – who wanted blacks not to have higher education, and instead have industrial training) • In his opening chapter “Double-Consciousness and the Veil” of his book “Souls of Black Folks” his theory is revealed through a literary method. S.O.B.F reflects on
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