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Impact of population trends

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Shyon Baumann

Impacts of Population Trends February 9 2012 Population Growth y Canada is the fastest growing of G8 countries o Natural increase 13 and immigration 23y 2011 population of Canada 335 milliony Spatial distribution not equal in Canadao Highest growth in Yukon and AlbertaGlobal Population Growth y Population is growing but rate is slowing y Most growth in developing countries high fertility rates y Slow growth in developed countries high life expectancy which results in older population and less fertility most growth from immigration Policies to slow growth y Fertility reduction o Education of women o Family planning access to abortion safe contraception ideal family size notions delaying onset of marriage and first child birth o Disincentives for large families charging extra taxes second choice of housingemployment y Close borders to immigration o Reduces number of incoming refugees and immigrants Theory Population growth y homas Malthus 1798 Essay on the principle of population o Growth in food supply linear 1 2 3 o Population growth exponential 248 o Necessary to have population growth checkedPositive checks famine plague warthis things supposed to kill off population and stabilize our population Preventive checks limits on reproduction hypothesized that humans cant voluntarily stop reproducingo Predicted widespread famine poverty and population declineo Believed the world would naturally balance itself out through natural checksResponse to Malthus y Concerns over food scarcity still exist o Neomalthusians environmental degradation evident on the planet global warming and this will eventually affect the worlds population overuse of resources will lead to decline of population o Economic optimists rely on free markets to balance food supply and population o Distributionists focus on wealth power and resource inequality rather than food supply y Mass food production has increased o Industrial revolution assembly line o Green revolution pesticide use increased crop yields produce more food at faster rate o Biotechnology GMOs ability to genetically modify foody Fertility decline y Ex ChinaImpact of Growth Urbanization y Spatial concentration of a population that is organized around nonagricultural activies process of moving from rural areas to urban areas
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