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Nathan Basiliko

The Nature of Things Video 262012 91000 AM y Temporate rainforest y salmon coming back to river where they are born in the spring and summer y the bear eats them and natives celebrate this time y over fishing logging and global warming killing the fish y great barrel rainforest y a red is where the females lay their eggs and the male fertilizes it y more than 1000 eggs lain y eggs full of proteins and fat eaten by some birds and bears y change in water levels makes it easier to find the eggs y each river has its own salmon time y dying salmon easy for the bald eagle to eat and catch y can rain as much as 4 12 meters a year y grizzly bears fur easily sheds water y bear and eagles have little effect on the reproductive success of the salmon y decomposing salmon feed many larvae and will feed the young salmon sapplings and other birds like the dipper y Salmon feed over 35 organisms so they are called a keystone species y Many black bears as well o Feeding at times other than daylight o Because there were carcasses in other areas of the forests o 80 90 of foraging of bears occurs at nighttime and are very successful at catching salmon o so salmon are good at finding potential predators in broad daylight only o Bears would walk right past the researcher at night and paid no attention to him or other bears at night Territorial No visual cues only cognizant of them o Many birds and gulls would follow the bears to eat the carcasses o Each bear ate 945 kg of salmon o 9000 kg of salmon left behind per square km y banana slugs and maggots eat the carcass as well y Major nutrient transfer from the river to the trees o Could the nitrogen from the carcasses go into the trees o Look for Nitrogen 15 isotope in the trees
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