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GGR252 - Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga

GGR252 Lecture 3 21-Jan-13 Assignment 1 Preparing Graphs  Examine the Data  What is the Dissemination Area? o Has a code for each area o Organize each graph by the DA code  Selection of Variables o List the variables. Decide what to include/exclude o Income is the first variable – most important as everything originates from income o Occupation  Age o Combine male and female o Correct groups (e.g. <20, 20-34, 34-54, >54) o Express each in %  Family Income  Ethnicity o What is the relationship o Exclude all the British Isles Origins because they do not have a special or specific retail economy with them – along with the french o Exclude those groups which have been here for a long time o Don’t exclude southern European groups as they tend to have strong relationships with the retail economy o If there is no data or if the data is really small, it is probably fine to exclude it o Have to come up with the 4 largest groups o Where most people would make the mistake would be calculating the percentages  Has to be expressed as a percentage of the total – do not subtract  Education o Arranged by highest level of attainment o What is your total figure? The one that is given (The total population over the age of 15 – not the total DA) o Categories  No certificate, High School Certificate, College & Apprenticeship, University  Want to be clear on categories  Occupation – most complicated o Create groups based on similarity in education/skills/income o Reorganize the data o Categories  Professional & Senior Managers  Profesiional occupations from each sub category  Administrators, supervisors, skilled  Clerical & Semi-skilled  Unskilled & Manual o Reorganize the data into these groups o Express each of  Graphs o Graded on legibility, presentation, accuracy GGR252 Lecture 3 21-Jan-13 o Correct labeling, o Each graph should not be larger than ½ page after imported into word doc o Appropriate use of colour/shading  If you use competing colours, there is no relationship between them  Use shades of red rather than red, yellow, and blue  Colours should avoid bright and strong colours o Title (Descriptive) o Scale  Do not use raw data as the y-axis – Use percentages!  Can scale down your axis to a more appropriate top number (e.g. 60% as the top rather than 100%) o Leg
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