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Assignment 1 Preparing Graphs Examine the Data What is a dissemination Area (DA)? Micro level What is a variable? What variables to select? Data taken from Stat Can Open up file ID what is important 1. Develop population profile (who’s living, depending on socio-economics) 2. Determine what type of retail the population will be interested in 3. Fd Graph it write about graph Dissemination AreaCensus Tract (20-20 Das) (move up scale less accurate) Variable listed (age, immigration status, edu status etc) (what is gona give me greatest info from the task I want to complete?) Selection of Variables -list the variables. Decide what to includeéexclude What needed: Age, Labour Force, income, education attainment, ethnicity Linked Variables Immigration/Ethnicity Education Language-work/home Qualification Ethnic Origin By highest level (better than qualifaication) Visible Minority Immigration Status Place of Birth Mobility Period of Immigration Required Variables Age Family Income Occupation Addition variable either an immigration/ethnicity(Ethnic origin OR visible minority) variable OR a education variable(highest level of attainment) Purpose of graph: to display patterns/trend (don’t include too many variables) = 4 variables per category Age Variable Divide by gender? Create Age Groups? YES Express each in percentage form-why? Easy to compare with other groups What is your total figure? Work with the GIVEN total First graph by age Create 4 age groups Combine male and female Correct groups <20; 20-34;35-54;>54 Express each as a % of total population Second graph by Family Income • Create income categories • Express as a percentage • What is your total figure? Given total family • Income groups: o <300000 o 30000-59999 o 60000-89999 o >89999 Ethnicity/Visible Minority • Who to exclude? Consider relationship to retail o Rid of very small population/ and “zero” population o Rid populations where retail does not target as an ‘ethnic group’ o Remove majority group, remove the ‘zeros’ • Remember only 4 categories • Express as a percentage • What is your total figure? Total population of DA NOT total ethnic population Education • By highest level of attainment • Remember 4 categories • What is your total fig
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