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Lecture 2

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Lecture 2 GGR367 How did South Asia look like Wild place, lot of people not getting alound INC indian national conference Uniting all people into one Indian Nation Muslims (never cared about Indian policies?) How do we define region? Portion of an Earth’s surface Physical/ natural regions Water, crops, resources Reading; relation between the land and how we use it Nonphysical region Historical – sacred myths that tie people to their past Linguistic – shared and recognized language; standardized e.g. uses ; marriage easier with standardized Cultural; worship, ritual Structural; relations Ontology ‘what is india’ Epistemology ‘how did we come to know about it?’ /devotee; how do you look at your religion as a devotee scholar; how do we observe objectively e.g. renee decarte making sense on knowledge Yi-Fu Tuan Physical geography Political geography; sometimes Afghanistan is part of SA and some not Ecosystems. Relationships and obstacles., groups of people can be observed in SA From the Pamirs and karakoram in the NW…. across the central Himalayas Different landscape to what we found the Eastern range Dense jungle clad hills at the border of Myanmar; No communication, travel, Both Khyber Pass Openings that have been historically important Many armies have come through The Bolan Pas
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