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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mark Reczkiewicz

4/1/13 Subaltern studies Indians were treated as a subaltern group. Objectified them as how to teach them and to rule them. One of those subaltern studies did was give them a big fuck you to their history and studied the history of the untold or lesser people Movie: Lagan (Tax). 1890’s in the village champaner in Awadh (center of India). The east india company was still looking for caring the state. The local ruler was responsible for the welfare of the subjects in the province even though he didn’t have too much power. The captain leading the East india company was demanding that tax be paid double that year even though there was no rain that year the tax is a portion of the farmers agriculture. The tax was for protection from other Raja’s (rulers) and of course other rulers were taxed by the british to protect them from this ruler (a form of double taxing) Indian dude (Bhuvan… sm guy that accepts the bet alter on) running around saving animals from snipers , gets caught Regions from India were greatly affected by drought, and the poor hurt the most by the drought. At one point the movie the british are playing cricket. The indian’s realize that this foreign game is similar to the one the children play, so they make fun of the british. These Indians go to talk to the ruler about having the tax waived because there is a drought but then the british captain Russel gets mad and instulted that they were laughing at the game, saying its what serpates him from those (subaltern) people, and they were modern while the indians were not. He gets further offended when they say then they can play it. So he challenges the indian people saying if they win he’ll cancel the tax for 3 years but they lose then they pay triple the tax Bhuvan hits the winning run. Then the rain comes -common themes of india’s movies is that the indian people beating the british. But this stories put a focus on the subaltern studies So where is India today? Deterritorialization Movie number 2: India Cabaret (Mira Nair) Cabaret dancers are not all and not all bad. -one dancer is all vitous outside in the streets, wint beven look at man. -but when working she screw him if he asks -no one at her home has no idea she strips/dances. In fact her parents wouldn’t even believe it. She was married off to her cousin. Treated well for the first year but after the first year he kept getting drunk and giving her trouble. What is she supposed to do its her husband, but then he started selling her to other men. So she left him, went home and they asked her what are you doing here, so then she had to make money somehow to get respect. -the men then say: its not app
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