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Mark Reczkiewicz

2/25/13 -Toward power politics -power: general capacity to transform. There are historical conditions for power. -political ecology: the ways in which different human groups struggle for control of material resources  The evolution of caste -political economy/ division of labor -Thomas Hobbes: British philosopher. What’s society like before people. The state of nature. I don’t eat you so you don’t eat me. Humans are living in the state of nature -social contract: its an agreement on how to from a society to continue living. European social scientists had some assumptions: we are naturally competitive and that only the threat of physical force could keep us in line. The use of physical coercion. -states: an independent political entity, territory with clear boundaries, defends itself from the outside with an army, and defends itself internally with police, specialized institutions (revenue, infrastructure). This is possible because it monopolizes the legitimate use of physical force. -opposite of physical coercion is persuasive Caste or Jati Varna- Brhamans, Kshatryas, vaisyas, sudras………… Untouchables (called dalit. so low they are not even on the original caste system) There is a hierarchy, some people are more important than others. Brahmans can talk to the Gods and are thus the highest. -we will ook at the caste system in two ways: 1. Economics 2. Religion 1. Economocis -Jajmani system -Wi
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