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Mark Reczkiewicz

Lecture 1 Jan 7 Mirza Ghalib- Poet. -Realized how divided people in India where. -And realized they were always civil. -Left his home in Delhi and went on to the city of Calcutta -Eventually reached the holiest of cities Benares/Varanasi -the area where he came from The Indo-Gangetic Plain used to be under one emprire but it became split up and chiefdoms were fighting each other. Brothers fighting brothers. But one group had snuck in and had began to take control. In 1857, there was a “mutiny” (according to British) but nationalists called it the First War of Independence -Delhi was made the Capital of the British Raj -both sides committing horrendous acts -The crown, The British Raj, replaced the East India Company who were originally running the area -the British Raj had invested infrastructure to make sure nothing like 1857 happened again -back in England ppl were talking about how the colony was running. -One person talking about named Mill, was writing about how to be a good civil servant in India even though they were never there. Also saying that there was never and India or anything that could hold India together -Indian national congress thought otherwise. They wanted to unite all the people living in South Asia and to construct a country, India, that the English said was impossible saying that there were to many differences in people -had some problems when they got independence. The PARTITION. -we now have I
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