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Mark Reczkiewicz

GGR367 Notes Lec. 2 1/15/13 -British saw it as impossible to unite all these different groups/types of ppl -Indian National Congress trying to unite all these groups -Epigraph (different ppl have different sides of the story). THIS WILL COME BACK ON THE FINAL EXAM. A QOUTE BY SOMEONE…? Regions: 1. Physical/natural (soils, water sources, hazards, resources, climates) 2. Non-physical (what humans make of it, historical (history of the area connects ppl to a region), linguistic, Cultural (ex. Festivals in one region uniting the ppl there), structural (caste)) -Ontology (being) vs epstimology (knowing) -What is India -how do we look at it -devotee vs scholar -how do you look at your religion as a devotee? / how do you look at your religion as a scholar -don’t worry as much about the facts but understand what its like living there -many different ecosystems and thus possibilities -ppls lives affected by where they are living -3 diff regions: 1. the North-mountain region 2. the Indo-gangetic plain 3. the peninsula 1) sometimes geographical barriers are good to separate groups and preventing conflict but also openings like the Khglar pass which are historically important and allow diffusion of ppl and ideas -diffusion of language as well. Spread of Indo-European l
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