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Mark Reczkiewicz

GGR367 Lecture 3 1/21 Different categories of ppl -why is there a decrease in the successful hunter-gatherer populations -why is there the dev. Of wealthy and poor nations Progress: how you make progress?  development. Developing control over nature Adivasi, Pastorlists, Hunter gathers, peasants, townsmen He said 4 but we only did 3 in class? Which one am I miss though? Egalitarian  stratified (hierarchy) -there have to be 3 things that go into the development of castes 1. there has to be a disparity between economic groups 2. hierarchy is enforced and legitimized 3. ppl suggest that the caste has to with supernatural authority Indus Rivier -plots of land that can support a lot of ppl around the Indus life and it used to. But not any more -areas of great organization but again not anymore -explanations for the collapse of those civilizations -neglected environment (ignoring sustainability) -enforced labor -ironically it’s the things were doing India: Empire of the spirit movie -think about culture -India developed early on before much of the rest of the world -its culture though was focused on different ideals than the west -peaceful, diverse, not materialized, feministic -in matters if spirit the west is poor, India is the rich -Sanskrit one of the oldest languages if its not the oldest -since the beg. Of time the rivers were extremely important -the caste system is an elaborate system of hierarchy based on your job -it may started with the Aryan conquering and using it as a way to keep them away from tho
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