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Mark Reczkiewicz

3/11/13 Colonialism: political conquest of one society by another followed by social domination and forced cultural change 1600s 1800s 1947 1971 mainland British East India Company Direct colonial rule. India, Pakistan Pakistan, Political economic Independence Bangladesh control Sri lanka PortugueseDutchBritish Nepal - a lot of violence -wanted to make sure they didn’t lose control of the mainland. -only lost control in 1947 -nepal was a wild card: never officially colonized, but a defacto one -long history building up to 1947 and a lot of people disliking the British that entire way -state: -nation: share a couple of things. Created a set of traditions that bring us together. Speak the same language. Might practice common things. Its not something u find in nature -nation state: closer to what a country is -Partition: British (Mourtbatten, Indian Congress Party (Nehru), Muslim League (Jinnah). Talking about how to divide the country -all of them feared major civil war -Muslim feared being a despised minority -not very peaceful and had great implications. Muslims in India moved to Pakistan. Hindus in Pakistan moved to India. -1920s Tamil nationalists called for their own nation because of a very different linguistic and heritage from the rest of the area and that put their heritage at risk -Bharata Janata (BJP)- a party of Hindu nationalists that came to power on religious power. They want Muslims kicked out because India according to them was clean and pure before Muslim invaders came in. stop creating programs helping minorities like Musli
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