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Mark Reczkiewicz

March 25, 2013 Ahimsa LK Acvani / Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) Ramayana/Lord Rama Babri Masjid / Babar/Mughal Communalism Hindutva Sangh Parivar (BJP, shiv sena, etc) War and Peace (Anand Patwardhan) film Some person (mentiond last class) conducted a hunger strike. Fighting with ahimsa (non-violent resilience. A bed rock of what gandhi was trying to do) Once a prosperous kingdom, with a fancy city called ayodeya. Babri Masjid was a massive mosque authorized by babar. Hindus then overran the mosque and tore it down because they believed that Ram was born there and thus built a temple there. Communalism – thought of as an antagonistic mobilixaation of 1 religious community against another Struggle between Islam and Hindu. Islam has been made to seem foreign to India. Seen as a foreign power. So Indian nationalists attacked it. A big part of the the Hindutva message. So what if they both got a nuclear bomb. This becomes seen in Pakistan vs India. What is the place of ahimsa like in a place we live in today? Look at that in the moive Movie notes: Hindu nationalist programs were banned after Ghandi’s association. India joined the nuclear arms race after seeing America have one and using on the enemy. Ghandi said not to get the bomb based simply on moral groudns but that started fading when USA didn’t get rid of their nuke when soviet failed and they ended up getting their own nuclear tests Inr eatlation Paksitan conducts tests in the same month that India conducts tests But there were still a group of people fighting against the bomb. The media joined in on the criticism. So the BJP invited the media for a music video advocating that the bomb is for peave only Khetolia the area closes to the blast site. Seen increased cancer rates. Al
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