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Lecture 3

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Mark Reczkiewicz

Class Three Describe some noteworthy features (aspects of culture, production, civic planning and organization, etc.) of the Indus civilizations. What might explain such an urban explosion? Its subsequent decline? -the plots of land can support a lot of people. Great organization of the people on the land is important -the subsequent decline is ironically the things we are doing: worsened organization of the land, neglecting the environment (ignoring sustainability), and enforced labor (Thapar) Describe the categories of South Asian society. Population Work, labor Sustenance Political Social Organization density Organization Hunter- 1 per sq. mile 1 per sq. mile Hunting, -Informal. Few if -ppl differentiated by Gatherers (small and gathering, any sex or age. Little mobile) fishing - conflict resolved difference in occupation by mobility, group and status/ thus size, and commonly sharing membership resources -small family groups Pastoralists/agri 10-15 per sq -specialization -herding -more formalizaed -organized themselves culturists (or mile. began to occur -slashing and political roles into clans peasants) -semi sedentary -high yield. burning -leaders, chiefs -then started to become *More (more (more work agriculture -conflict over a rise in one group over egalitarian* sedentary) than H-G) wealth, prestige, others. The beginning of and women a hierarchy -rise of extended family groups (descent
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