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Lecture 4

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Mark Reczkiewicz

Class Four The study of India (and South Asia) has often been limited to that represented by its territory. -It complicates this idea due to the fact that each different living area had different categories of people within it, thus, the progress of each area would be different and the same would go for the population growth and density (egalitarian, stratified). What is Braudel’s idea of a “world economy”? Does this differ from Wallerstein’s “capitalist world system”? - He says it’s a fragment of the world; a piece of the pie. World economy belong to a particular geographical space with cities and hierarchy of zones - for Wallerstein, it is the belief that whole world is a giant capitalist system with core nations and workers of the core nation (British, U.S., Japan, Canada, etc.) receiving higher wages. It has self- regulating, connected territories, and devoured places in the world. It has international division of labour, for example, gendered division of labour. How countries are involved according to the work that they do. The core nations make the system run, they’re fully industrialized, and pay their workers higher wages. The periphery nations, such as 3rd world countries and former colonized nations, contribute raw materials (oil, diamonds, spices) and a market. They bring it to the core nations who sell it back to the nations they got it from. There are also semi-periphery nations that might have been part of the core nations, or broken out of the periphery to go to the core nations. These include China, India, Brazil, and Indonesia. They used to be world empires and might now be trying to reassert themselves in the world (Ghosh) Describe Mangalore. Why do Middle Eastern merchants come to South Asia? -To trade various goods, which they sent back to the Middle East by using their slaves as intermediaries. Characterize Ben Yiju. -Ben Yiju came to Mangalore in 1132 A.D. He married a slave girl, named Ashu. By accepting Ashu in marriage, he shows his flowing sense of humanism. The bond between Yiju and Bomma speaks for the kind of relationship they had. There is trust and commitment in their relationship. Yiju is more like a patron and Bomma like client. Ben Yiju also followed practices that are now not part of the standard image of the orthodox religions of the Middle East. Why do you think Ghosh might spend so much time describing the life of a slave? How does Ghosh describe the Indian Ocean trade before and after Vasco Da Gama? -He describes Indian Ocean Trade to be virtually non-existent with only a few Middle Eastern traders along with traders from Asia. After the arrival of Gama, the Indian Ocean Trade flourished as it opened the way for Europeans to reach In
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