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Lecture 9

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Mark Reczkiewicz

Class Nine Why do we talk about a nation as an “imagined community”? Relate the brief history of Partition. Are there any ramifications of Partition for the everyday life of both Hindus and Muslims in South Asia today? -We talk about a nation being an imagined community because of how arbitrary the divisions/ boundaries of nations can be sometimes. Partition was the 1947 separation of India and Pakistan into Hindus (Indians) and Muslims (Pakistan). The partition has led to tensions between the two nations and has spilled into conflicts on occasions How does a nation become “modern”? And by whose measure? What is dependency theory? -Dependency theory is the idea that nations are divided into ‘core’ and ‘periphery’. Core nations are the developed nations like most of Europe and the US while peripheries are the developing nations. The idea is that periphery nations trade raw materials to core nations at cheap prices while they buy finished products from the core nations at higher prices. (Roy) Why does Roy suggest that the people of India (South Asia, the world…) have been rounded up and loaded onto two convoys of trucks headed in opposite directions? - Roy uses the truck analogy to show how economic growth/ progress results in divergent realities. The small truck going one way represents the economic elites who make up a minority of the population but enjoy the majority of the gains of economic growth. The large truck on the other hand represents the majority of the Indian population who do not see the benefits of the Indian progress What is she speaking about here? Is corporatization and globalization (agriculture, water, electricity, etc.) a good idea or not?
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