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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Mark Reczkiewicz

Class Eleven What is “ahimsa” and why talk about it in relation to nuclear tests? -in class we had defined “ahimsa” as a way to fight/protest in a non-violent way. It was the bed rock of what Ghandi was trying to do. -the creation of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear tests is moving away from “ahimsa”(non violent protests) into a state of violent threats and show of force What is the Bharatiya Janata Party (the BJP) and what is its relation to Hindutva? -the BJP is one of the two major parties in the Indian political system. The party advocates Hindu nationalism and social conservatism. They made it seem as the Islam is foreign to India. As a foregin power expanding its influence into India. So Indian nationalists attacked it. This is a big part of the Hindutva message which advocates Hindu nationalism. Relate the dispute over Ayodhya. -Once a prosperous kingdom, with a fancy city called Ayodhya. Babri Masjid was a massive mosque authorized by babar. Hindus then overran the mosque and tore it down because they believed that Ram was born there and thus built a temple there. Consider some of the consequences of the Babri Masjid’s demolition. -This increased the divide between Hindus and Muslims -contributed to “partition” -Increases the conflict between Pakistan and India What is communalism? - thought of as an antagonistic mobilization of 1 religious community against another Is there a “clash of civilizations” in South Asia? -yes. There is a clash between those who want to keep the Ahimsa, those who don’t believe in developing want to keep peace via non-violent ways. They believe that the best way to keep the peace is nonviolent protests. While the other side believes in the show of force, like nuclear tests (Roy) Where is Pokhran and why is it important? -Pokhran is located in India. Made a hole in the desert near by pokaran to test the bomb. Kept the making of the bomb a secret that no one knew. When the test was successful there they used the code “Bhudda is smiling” - The govt. had told the people in the nearby areas to take precautions like iodine pills, only consumer stored water and food, and avoid milk. -This is lunacy to treat your citizens like this Comment on the relationship between nuclear bombs and nationalism in South Asia. -Nationalism is a common argument/propaganda technique used by governments to convince their citizens to want and believe in nuclear weapons. -“These are not just nuclear tests, they are nationalism tests”
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