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Pierre Desrochers

GGR287 Lecture 8 - Agricultural Inputs, Technologies & Food Additives Corn fields look like giant circles from the sky due to the water irrigation system How to Prevent Soil Salinity while Irrigating?  Lot of good quality water is applied  Drainage is rapid & efficient  soils need large infusion of fertilizer (to balance the flushing required to keep them salt-free) Key advantage of long distance trade:  "Virtual water" - importing food grown in better conditions makes more economic & ecological sense than growing crops in ie. Saudi Arabia where you need to get water from the sea  producing food where it makes sense and shipping to people where water is not abundant and don't have the conditions to grow it 2. Preservation, Refrigeration & Waste Cause of Food Waste  In medium & high income countries: mostly at consumption stage  in lower income countries food: mostly during early & middle stages of food supply chain Actions/Treatments: Rinderpest disease of cattle  quarantine  slaughtering  burial of bodies in lime  restrictions in movement  inspection of mean  inoculation/vaccine  eradication campaign Why Seed Producers? Historically  emerged from best farmers & grain merchants  vegetable seeds (time consuming to prepare)  fodder crops harvested before seed maturation (alfalfa, sorghum)  hybridization technologies (seeds do not "breed true") Seed Producers' advantages  new & improved varieties (selection, hybridization, etc)  storage - protection & availability on demand  treatment
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