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Pierre Desrochers

GGR287 Lecture 10 - Food Security Food Security (WHO)  Providing access at all times to enough, sufficient, safe, nutritious food  to allow people to maintain healthy & active lives Case for Agri-Business & Free Trade  Only so much food because  modern technologies  long distance trade  Majority of malnourished people - Africa & South Asia  "self-sufficient" subsistence farmers  rural landless labourers  Dramatic increase in overall food production mandatory  rapid population growth  increased standards of living Food Sovereignty (1996) "People and Community" have  the "ability to sustain themselves"  the right "to define their own agricultural, labour, fishing, food, and land policies"  no outside interference  no dumping food in foreign markets Case for Food Sovereignty  Agrarian reforms & resistance to liberalization  food more  "culturally appropriate"  "dignified"  respectful of environment  "socially just" Famines - 2 Sets of Causes Famines - Humans  wars  ethnic & religious persecutions  price controls  protectionism  excessive taxation  lack of respect of private property rights Famines - Nature causes  unseasonable heat/cold  excessive or insufficient rainfall  floods  pests (insects, rodents & pathogens)  soil degradation  epidemics (farmers or beasts of burden get sick) Food Security in Subsistence Agriculture  Multiple crops/animals  (> resilience against specific problems, but useless against general problems - droughts, floods, etc)  Cultivate different patches of land whenever possible  (different sides of a hill, etc) Really Bad...infanticide & Senilicide Coping with Famine in More Advanced Societies  Worldwide answers:  charitable giving  emigration  Political authorities  call upon heavenly assistance  expel strangers  identify scapegoats
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