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Pierre Desrochers

GGR287 Lecture 7 - Commodities III Sugar Various uses:  cooking, additive to drinks and commercially processed foods (sweetens without changing taste)  preservative and fermenting agent Advantages  cheap to transport  easy to store  relatively imperishable Why final processing (refineries) near markets? Yesterday: Transport in leaky sailing ships -  risk of contamination from sea water  crystals coalesced in voyage across tropical seas  lack of fuel in cane-growing regions Today  Refineries not limited by harvests; can operate year-round by buying supplies from producers worldwide according to season and price  Can also refine (domestic) beet sugar  Close to & know markets More Meat VS Plants? Pros  less toxic  concentrated source of nutrients (lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals), calories, high-quality proteins & fats  most digestible plants deficient in essential amino acids and vitamins (such as vitamin B12)  most plants more tedious to prepare Cons  animals can run or fight back  spoils more quickly  contains dangerous parasites Domesticating vs Hunting Animals? (remember 3 or 4)  edible garburators (organic wastes & surplus food crops)  insurance against crops failure (reliability)  convenience  milk (after child birth)  transportation  manure  traction power/torque *Difference between goats and sheep is that goats have a beard and sheep doesn't Raising Pigs (Hogs)  Forest, farm, cities Range Pigs (Forests) Food (Pannage or pasturing in a forest)  Mast - nuts from the forest floor such as acorns, chestnuts, beechnuts, hazelnuts  Wild fruits - such as berries, apples, pears, and hawthorns  (digging) mushrooms, tubers, root
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