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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Pierre Desrochers

Lecture #8 - Nov 8 (Agricultural Inputs, Technologies, and FoodAdditives) "Entomophagy" • Insect eating (people eating bugs) Meat VS Plants Pros • Less toxic • Concentrated source of nutrients (lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals), calories, high-quality proteins & fats • Most digestible plants deficient in essential amino acids and vitamins (such as vitamin B12) • Most plants more tedious to prepare Cons • Animals can run or fight back • Spoils more quickly • Contains dangerous parasites Domesticating VS HuntingAnimals • Edible garburators (organic wastes & surplus food crops) • Insurance against crop failure (reliability) • Convenience • Milk • Transportation • Manure • Traction power/torque Raising Pigs (Hogs) • Forest • Farm • Cities Range Pigs (Forests) Food (Pannage or pasturing in a forest) • Mast - (nuts from forest floor such as acorns, chestnuts, beechnuts, hazelnuts) • Wild fruits - berries, apples, pears and hawthorns • Digging - mushrooms, tubers, roots, worms, and grubs from the ground • Meat - eggs, snakes, young birds, mice, rabbits, fawns, etc Pigs VS Ruminants Pros • Prolific - 4 month gestation period, average litter 10 piglets, sometimes up to 30; on average 100 female piglest for 2 female calves) - produce a lot of babies • Semi-wild -
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